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Warhammer AllianceでのDevのコメント。


   A quick update:

1) NDA lift is indeed coming very soon but not this week. We’ve still
got a few things to knock off the "Must do before lift" list before I
lift the NDA. But it is going to be sooner, rather than later. Still
plenty of time to go before launch.

2) Lots of news coming this week (hopefully). It should be tomorrow but
when you are part of a big corporation and have lots of partners,
sometimes things can take a little longer than you would like. I have
no doubt though that the news will be worth the wait.

So, I think the rest of the week is going to be a very good and very interesting one for WAR fans.




VN boardやWHAの掲示板にちょくちょく書きこんでるMark Jacobsって開発者じゃなくて、MythicのCEOだった。知らなかった。

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