CE Head Startは日本時間15日2時AMスタート

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CE Head Startは13時EST、日本時間15日の2時AMスタートになった。

Head Start and The End of Open Beta!


Things have shifted a bit but in the end you get more WAR!

tomorrow morning Open Beta will end as we shut down all servers and
prepare for the coming of the Collectors Edition Head Start.

encourage you to take this time to sleep, eat, say hello to your
friends and family, feed the pets, etc. and get ready for launch as the
CE Head Start kicks off tomorrow (Sunday 9/14) @ 1PM EDT!

Tomorrow afternoon the Age of Reckoning will arrive, will you be ready?

We will see you all on the battlefield very soon…to WAR!

Open Betaは夕方までやってるみたいだけど、CE HSの開始が遅くなったは残念だ。

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