Warhammer Online: Devの投稿

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Warhammer AllianceのServerメンテが終わりとっても快適に成ってた。そこに今日はDevの人がいっぱい投稿してた。とりあえず1個コピペ
Hey guys,

A few points.

I know many of you are frustrated that you didn’t meet our requirements
for these invite waves. It’s nothing personal but we have to maintain
certain rules in order to ensure a solid Beta experience.

In addition to system requirements we also check for press or industry
relations, I know some of you have contacted me, telling me this was in
error. Unfortunately we cannot prove who is or who isn’t so we have to
deny access to anyone who declared themselves as such. This is the most
common issue for players who state they have high system specs and have
not been invited (that and people who used their work pc/laptop to post
their dxdiag and not their main rig). And we really appreciate your

Preview weekend isn’t that far away, nor is Open Beta, or even launch
for that matter. You’ll be getting your WAR fix in no time.

Your excitement is contagious and we’ve all got cabin fever as we scream WAAAGH!!! towards the finish line.

While things might not always go perfectly we’re all in for an awesome
time and I can’t wait to share in your stories and meet you on the

WAR is Coming, there is no doubt!


Closed Beta has requirements that Open Beta will not, all Closed Beta
Card Holders will be invited for the Preview Weekend/Open Beta.



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