Warhammer Online: The Many Faces of Beta

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Server入れ替えが終ったWarhammer Allianceβについてまとめられてたのでコピペ。

Heya everyone. I know that the site has been brimming with excitement
this week with the latest revelations for the US and AUS community. I
wanted to put something together that will hopefully help people make
sense of what is going on. So I’m going to repost a few bullet points,
that will contain information that anyone can find, just by visiting
the DevPost Tracker. Additionally, the WAR Beta Forums may also hold some useful information.

  • Most of the North America and Aussie Collector’s Edition Preorders have received Closed Beta invitations as a gift from Mythic.
  • WAR is currently still in Closed Beta anywhere and everywhere. Open
    Beta doesn’t start anywhere until Closed Beta has ended everywhere.
  • Open Beta will start after the game finishes Closed Beta and before the Head Start.
  • The upcoming Preview Weekend that Mythic has announced applies to
    those customers who have bought the North American CE at the present
    time. Dates for the event have not been revealed.
  • Closed Beta invites are always subject to eligibility, Mythic needs
    to have requirements in order to ensure an organized, structured
    testing environment. The CE Beta that people have been invited to,
    still has the restriction, you must exceed system requirements.
  • There is no separate Oceanic CE, there is only a European (GOA) or North American (Mythic).
  • The CE customers who are being invited into beta right now are
    being invited into the current stage of the game’s testing which is
    Closed Beta, instead of being invited later for the Open Beta. They
    will, of course, still get into the Open Beta.
  • The NDA lift has nothing to do with the stage of Beta. It will be lifted when it’s ready.
  • The Oceanic servers are not yet live, we hope to have them up at
    the same time we are putting up the new servers for the newly invited
    CE customers.
  • The beta forums are currently full, Mythic will not be inviting new players into the beta forums at the present time.
  • You can still update you comp specs file for the remainder of the Closed Beta.
  • The EU open beta will start on time.
  • The EU account center will open on time.
  • The EU live release and headstart will happen on time.
  • CE pre-orders for the EU will get everything they were promised.
    Mythic has announced extra bonuses and GOA will see what can be done
    for EU customers in response to that.
  • The CE Beta servers are not online. They CE Beta servers will be online hopefully middle of the week.
  • The CE Beta still has the restriction that industry, or press people will not be invited.
  • Additional CE Beta waves will be invited as soon as some outstanding account issues are resolved.
  • I was accepted into beta but my torrent download is slow, see this post.
  • If you far exceed system requirements and have the CE preordered
    but did not get invited, be aware Mythic is closely looking at their
    account centers to ensure that if there are any issues, that they are


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