Warhammer Online: 社長がNDA解除についてコメントを投稿してた

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I’ve said here and other places, I happily stand by that statement.
I’ve also said that I was waiting for us to take care of 3 issues
before I lifted the NDA and I can say quite happily, we’re now down to
1 issue. As I had hoped, we deployed some new code this week and the
feedback was outstandingly positive (even more so than I expected). I’m
sure the testers will be happy to tell you all about it as soon as we
lift the NDA.

Now, do I wish I could have lifted the NDA on Monday, yeap, would
have loved to do that but I’ll trade a point on my rating system for
the extra goodness that this week will buy us. There’s an saying in the
MMO biz that is simply "You only get one chance to launch well" and
that also applies to the lift of the NDA. Considering when certain MMOs
as well as other games have lifted their NDA and the manner that it was
lifted, I’ll be quite satisfied if we can lift ours shortly. Even if we
lift ours even on Monday, it would still be in the good category (1,
2-4, 4-8). I don’t mean to be picky but if you are going to use my
quote/date as the basis for a thread, you should include the part that
(even if I lift the NDA next Monday) would be applicable.




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