Tier 4 Campaign Changes – Fortresses

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Tier 4 Campaign Changes – Fortresses


epic battle between the forces of Order and Destruction rages on across
the lands. Dark Elf against High Elf, Dwarfs pitted against their age
old enemy the Greenskins, and the upstart Humans of Order wage a bitter
battle against the Forces of Chaos.

Sometimes epic warfare is
halted by the powerful forces of server instability. The Mythic team is
fighting a WAR of our own against these Fortress Siege stability issues
and is now prepared to take the next step towards the long-term goal of
providing our players with a truly epic Tier 4 Campaign. We will be
implementing more improvements in the coming weeks however this initial
change will allow more players to experience the Tier 4 campaign to its

Players on the Phoenix Throne, Dark Crag, Vortex, and
Darklands servers (with a planned deployment to all live servers to
follow in the coming days) will immediately notice a change to the way
that the Tier 4 Racial Pairing Fortress sieges function. We will be
implementing a hard cap on the total number of players that are able to
occupy the Fortress area during a siege. The purpose of this change is
twofold: to improve server stability, and allow even more players to
participate in, and benefit from, capital city sieges.

When the
Fortress population reaches certain population thresholds, players who
are attempting to enter the area of the besieged Fortress that are Rank
35 and below will be teleported to the warcamp for the region they are
in. When the next area population threshold has been met, players that
are Rank 37 and below will be teleported to the warcamp. The final
population threshold applies to players that are Rank 39 and below.
Once the total population cap has been met for the area surrounding the
Fortress, all players that attempt to enter the area will be teleported
back to the region’s warcamp.

It’s very important to note that
the majority our players’ Fortress siege experience should not be
noticeably affected by this change. Hundreds of players will still be
able to participate in taking the Fortress from their enemies. This
measure will help to ensure that players are able to experience these
epic battles in a more reliable manner.
Because of the
strategic advantage that players will always have when defending a
Fortress, the attacking forces will have a numeric advantage when
attempting to wrest control of a Fortress from the opposing realm.

get out there, lay waste to your enemies, drive their forces before you
on the field of battle and be sure to choose your allies wisely.


Phoenix Throne, Dark Crag, Vortex, Darklands Serverはすでに適用済みっぽい。

上限は各Realm毎だそうだ。それと、上限ははっきりしないが、数百人は入れるらしく、過去3週間でほとんどそれを上回る事が無かった。と、MythicのAndyさんがVN Boardで答えてた。

The cap is per realm. IOTW there is a cap for Destruction and a cap for Order, both contributing to the total cap.

Hundreds of players will still be able to participate in Fortress sieges. Most sieges that we’ve seen in the last 3 weeks have not exceeded the cap we have implemented.

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