"Chain Disable" Oddities

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VN BoardでMythicがChain Disableについての情報をようやく真剣に集め始めたようだ。MythicのJessさんが情報提供を呼びかける投稿してた。このThread。

Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working to track down the elusive
cause (or causes) of what players are reporting as being “chain
disabled.” Our Combat and Careers team is requesting more information
about this issue to aid their efforts to resolve it. What we need from
you is specifics on what ability or combination of abilities you are
being hit with when you notice this happening to your character.
Screenshots and/or videos would be especially helpful, but even just
“Hey, I notice this always happens after X ability is used on me!”
would be fantastic.



Community Coordinator
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
Mythic Entertainment, an EA Studio

まだ全然状況が掴めて無いのかな?chain disableが起きた時のMovieとかScreenShotがあったら良いなとか言ってるし。

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