Warhammer Online: Account Center – Now Open

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Account Center – Now Open


Welcome to the Mythic Account Center here you will be able to enter your Open Beta and Head Start keys and eventually any other codes supported by our products.

This site is where you’ll manage all of your accounts and subscription details so we encourage you to get familiar with it.

have a neat feature that will allow those who play as a family or run
multiple accounts to manage multiple subscriptions under one Master
Account. For each active subscription you can have a Game Account and
share the billing information for all of them with just a few simple

Those of you currently in closed beta will only need to
enter your head start key at this time as you qualify for all future
beta phases up until launch so long as your account is in good standing.

Pre-Order key holders who have not yet been invited should now enter
their keys here to create an account, this will ensure that your
account is properly invited to Open Beta (and Preview Weekend if your a
CE Customer or a lucky SE winner!)

At this time no billing information is required, just a few quick personal details so we know who you are.

as an added bonus any current or former Dark Age of Camelot subscribers
already have a Master Account. Simply use those login credentials, make
sure your information is up to date, enter your code and you’re done!

Things will be moving fast so we encourage everyone to enter their
codes as soon as possible. Also remember that up to the first 50
thousand Special Edition Open-Beta codes to be registered will also be
invited to the Preview Weekend – don’t delay!

times are ahead and always you can trust the Herald to bring you the
news you need to know, when you need to know it. We’ll have information
on when Open Beta starts, Preview Weekend, how to download the game,
and more coming next week.

Thank you and welcome!



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