Warhammer Road to War

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Warhammer Onlineの新たなオフィシャルサイト
Road to War

上位者はWarhammer Online: Age
of Reckoning.内で使えるItemや称号(Title)がもらえるらしい。


Weekly Awards:  Caches of Victory Points
Players who participate in a battle and are part of the winning Realm
will receive Victory Points, should they meet the requirements of that
week’s battle objectives. They may also receive a trophy that appears in
their Trophy Room.  There will also be a
trophy for being part of the winning Realm overall.

After each battle, participating players in the winning Realm will
earn a cache of Victory Points. Others may receive Bonus Victory Points
for meeting certain battle objectives, as outlined in each weekly

Grand Prize: Never-Ending Bowl of Custard and Player Title
After the final battle, the Realm that has control over the greatest
number of regions overall, will receive a special in-game prize that no
one else can get in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?a
Never-Ending Bowl of Custard?and a special player title. The
custard may be eaten or hurled at an enemy, and will always be

In addition, when the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
servers go live, the capital city for either Order or Destruction will
be placed at Rank 2, depending on which one wins overall in Road to

Prize for Top Individuals: A Special Warhammer Online In-Game

Individual honors will also be given for the top Gold earners, best
recruiters, and other top competitors throughout the Road to WAR.
These players will receive a special in-game item?the Signet of
the Cursed Company? to use when they play Warhammer Online: Age
of Reckoning


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