Presenting the Public Test!

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Test Serverが用意されたようだ。2週間ごとにLive Serverからキャラがコピーされ、Liveに入る前の変更がここでテスト出来るらしい。どうせならrespecして欲しいのだけど。

Retcon changes coming tonight
First, be aware that the influx of so many heroes into the
Championsverse has stretched the fabric of time and space even thinner
than it was previously. As such, it is now possible to completely retcon your character from start to finish, regardless of level.

The basic idea of how it works still holds; that is, for each step you
have retconed your character, the next step becomes more expensive.
Now, allow me to make an important clarification of something that has
always been true: points of any kind that you have unspent COUNT
AGAINST THE COST OF RETCONNING another step. In other words, the cost
of retconing the 5th of 5 powers is exactly the same as retconing one
power when you have four other powers selections unassigned.

Second, the cost of retconing now scales in relation to the potency of
what you are retconing in a more logical manner. Previously, the cost
of retconing a two point advantage was double the cost of retconing a
power. The new ratio is as follows:
Power – 3 steps
Advantage – 1 step per point (zero point advantages don’t increase cost from previous step)
Talents – 2 steps
Characteristic Focus – 4 steps
Travel Power – 2 steps
End Builder – 1 step
Innate Talent – 4 steps.

Each step you go back increases the cost of that step and all subsequent steps.

Additionally, the cost progression of each step is now different than
it was previously. Your first few steps will be, comparatively, rather
inexpensive compared to what they were. As you step deeper into your
past, however, the cost will escalate. The final result of this is that
retconing back four or fewer powers will now be, in total, less
expensive than it was. Retconing back further than that, however,
slowly becomes more expensive.


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